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for your trip. >>> the federal government is open today, though employees have the option for unscheduled leave and telework. most students will head back to the classrooms but some schools are still closed due to power outages. in fairfax county, the following schools will remain closed. they are language ly langly. in arlington county, bar croft elementary school is closed n d.c., jefferson county will remain closed. >> prince georges county, excel academy is closed n howard county, bowman bridge elementary school is closed and arundel county will have 17 schools that are closed today. you need to check the schools' website for that list. we will have all the information on the bottom of our korean and on >>> tucker. > good morning, allison, good morning, everybody. tough to have the schools closed on halloween because it's a fun day to be at school with the halloween parties. light rain in the area, a lot of this isn't touching the ground so the trend is to take the rain out of the forecast. we're not sure we're going to be cloud-free today as we continue to beunder the infl
. the federal government is closed. d.c. government offices also closed and so are most schools. for a full list, please go to our website, it looks we're running close sures at the bottom of your screen there. fox 5 is all over this morning. >> fox 5 all over this storm as you said. we have crews tracking the storm in ocean city, annapolis, and fairfax county. but we begin with tucker barnes. he has the latest on sandy's changing path. >> since you went bed, san i cannen i did continues to intensify. that pressure's been falling overnight. when the pressure falls, that tells us the storm's getting stronger. a lot of reasons to be concerned about later this afternoon, tonight, as the storm makes its way inland. this is the real deal now, outer bands, yellow and red working across maryland and virginia, now really making their presence felt. the rain has been picking up pace, and will likely be moderate to heavy at times here during the course of your morning hours. that's stage one, first the heavy rains move in, then the winds. let's take a closer look at your storm system. there
are hoping to get an update on when service will resume later today. >> the federal government offices are also closed again, so are most local government offices, and schools. >> hundreds of thousands of people are left in the dark this morng, in dc, maryland, and virginia, and here are the current numbers for you. dominion, more than 115,000 customers out in northern virginia. pep co right now dealing with about 25,000 outages. bge has around 84,000 outages. and montgomery, prince george's, cal vert, ann arundel and howard counties. so now potomac edison and smeco are also experiencing significant outages this morning. >> so let's find out what is happening. i know it is raining in much of the area. tucker barnes can give us the latest on the forecast and tell us what is happening with sandy. hey, tucker. >> good morning, tony. good morning, allison. good morning, everybody. things have gradually been improving out there. although i wouldn't say all clear yet. heavy rain across the region and still the potential for some winds gusting to about 40 to 50 miles an hour. not done yet but
and metro access. we should find out today when it will reopen. federal government offices are closed again today, so are most local government offices and schools. a complete list of closings is at the top of your screen. >>> well, the superstorm is not just bringing strong winds and heavy rain, west virginia is getting hit with snow and a lot of it. a blizzard warning is in effect for at least 14 counties. the state's highest elevations could get as much as three feet of snow. a state of emergency has been declared. earlier this morning we spoke with jim weiss with the office of emergency management in randolph county, west virginia. >> we don't have any power in the entire county, road crews are out working. we got a significant amount of snowfall, especially in the higher elevations, and we're talking well over a foot, maybe closer to two feet of snow. travel is almost nonexistent other than the snow plows. >> the snow ibeing blamed for at least one deadly traffic accident. there's also flooding being reported in some areas. man, with this, tucker barps is here. a little bit of everythi
is closed today. that includes all rail, bus, and met access service. the federal government is closed. dc government ofices are also closed, and so are mescals across the region. for a full list of closures, go to, we're also running the closures on the top of your screen. >>> airlines servicing reagan national and dulles international airports canceled most flights for the day. they've canceled the flights. others plan to stay open. they are monitoring things as the storm rolls through. bwi marshall also reported limited operation. passengers are being urged to check their flight status before heading out of the door. >>> all right we ask you stop for a moment to look at your screen, these are the number you need to know should your power go out. don't assume someone sells reported your outage, we've talked to the power companies this morning, and they need you to report in so that they know where the outages are. you should call your provider yourself. again these are the numbers you need to know. they'll also be rubbing at the bottom of your screen. >>> and we to want see w
. >> the president, the governor and other officials assessed the damage. assured the state of the government's support. >> what i can promise you is the federal government will be working closely as possible and we will not quit until this is done. >> the state has several coastal areas that fuel $35 billion tourism industry. board walk inside ruins. the damage striking a cripple blow to the state's economy. >> all the fun time pier, nothing is left. all the rides are torn down, everything. >> the damage is minor compared to the things that are irreplaceable. >> if you look to your right, to your left, those are the things that can't be replaced. >> we did see ghosts and goblins inland yesterday. the governor has rescheduled halloween to monday. back to you guys. >> thank you. >> tragedy struck during storm recovery efforts at home. a contractor was killed when a tree fell on him in home wood road yesterday afternoon. two ambulance strike teams from maryland headed out to new jersey to help out with the recovery effort there. the crews are going to egg harbor township. each team consists of
it will definitely have somewhat of an impact. people really hate the bipartisan ship in government. can really only help obama and romney should jump on the bandwagon and cozy up with the democratic governor. >> you heard the professor say it, they are going to pick the president today. watch all this live online. back to you. >> very interesting. thank you very much. >> we also have our eyes on the big u.s. senate race in virginia. last week george allen on for extended interview. today we talked in depth with tim kaine. he tried to set the record straight on where he stands on taxes. >> i have a simple tax plan. let the bush tax cuts expire. even they get the tax cut up to 500,000. if you let that expire, you raise $500 billion. that's the way we can avoid cuts. very simple plan. my opponent opposes it . that makes the deficit worse without helping the economy. >> you can see both full interviews with tim and george allen on our web site. >>> a pop star stuns at her halloween costume. see her new flattering figure ahead. >> is tim tebow off the market? find out which celebrity he was spotted with
. >> i don't think what we need is another government bureau accurate that supposedly knows something about job creation. i think it would be a president who actually understands job creation. >> he's saying he's the candidate of change. let me tell you, wisconsin, we know what change looks like. and what the governor is offering sure ain't change. giving more power back to the biggest banks isn't change. leaving millions without health insurance isn't change. another $5 trillion tax cut that favors the wealthy isn't change. >> this week the president's campaign has also started pouring money into democratic leaning states like michigan, minnesota, and pennsylvania. and don't forget about early voting. early voting resumed after being shut down for two days, and hours were extended. voters in d.c. only waited about 10 minutes yesterday to cast their ballots. tony and allison, back to you. >> final countdown. thank you, sir. >>> new this morning, in the district d.c. mayor gray announcing changes to fines on speed cameras. there's been concern about the fairness of the fines, while mak
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8